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Dr. Chad Krier and Dr. Jennifer Mead invite you to experience the blend of health diagnostic options and solutions offered by Vis Clinic. With their combined experience, they utilize integrative, functional, nutritional, chiropractic, and natu­ropathic medicine to achieve answers to your unique health situation. To maintain your health or regain your health and vigor, discover what Vis Clinic can offer you.  Explore Our Services  »

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  • Vis Clinic is happy to announce the addition of Jennifer Mead N.D., (or Dr. Jenn for short) to the practice.

    The Vis Clinic is thrilled to find a Naturopathic Practitioner who fits so well into the paradigm of the Vis Clinic philosophy of medical care.  When you talk to Dr. Jenn, you understand that she is enthusiastic about Naturopathic Medicine and helping her patients make health promoting changes. Her passion for the Vis Brand of medicine and her depth of knowledge on Functional-Naturopathic medicine will bring continued vitality to our office.  Dr. Jenn will no doubt, over time bring many new, exciting therapies to Vis Clinic.

    Dr. Mead is a 4th generation physician but the first to pursue her degree in Naturopathic Medicine.  Her Great-Grandfather Dr. Corydon Wassell was a WWII hero winning the Navy Cross for his bravery and praised so much by President Franklin D. Roosevelt that later a book was written and Movie starring Gary Cooper was produced in his honor. The passion for medicine and healing certainly runs in Dr. Mead’s blood. She attended Louisiana State University and College of Charleston where she received her bachelor’s degree in biology. After her graduation in 2003, she moved to Arizona to attend the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, graduating with her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in 2008. She moved to North Carolina where she ran her private practice for 2 years. In 2011, she moved to Wichita Kansas and has spent the last 8 years at Riordan Clinic. She is a native of South Louisiana where her roots are buried and her love of people and good times was nurtured. “You can take the girl out of the South but you cannot take the South out of the girl…” Although Dr. Jenn is thrilled to be raising her family in Wichita and officially a Wichitan, she loves sharing her Cajun heritage, traditions and hospitality here in the Midwest! 

    Dr. Mead believes that her transition to Vis Clinic will allow her to exercise her talents and gifts in a manner that is best for the patient overall as well as for her own personal heath. Dr. Mead says “I take my leadership role very seriously and the “Physician Heal Thyself” proverb is a must in order to be the best leader I can be for you the patient and all my family and friends. I am very excited about this new chapter and am thrilled to work with new as well as past patients here at Vis Clinic.”

    Dr. Mead is happy to provide continued care to all of Dr. Ola’s patients and, in fact, played an integral role in Dr. Ola Buhr’s functional medicine training. As such, Dr. Mead comes to us with the blessing and high praise of Dr. Ola.

    “I highly recommend Dr. Jennifer Mead ND for her exceptional clinical and naturopathic experience.  I feel confident that all of my patients will be in excellent hands under her care.”

    Dr. Jenn’s goal as doctor is to partner with the patient where they are on their health journey and guide them along the path to uncovering all the obstacles in the way and discovering their own incredible power to heal themselves.   In other words, as Doctor she acts as the ‘Medical Detective’ to understand the unique makeup of the patient, and to teach and share the tools to resolve the health concerns of the patient. Dr. Jenn has had over a decade of experience working with nearly all medical conditions, from the very simple cases to the severely complex conditions. It is not uncommon for her to successfully partner with those that no other doctor could “figure out”.   Her favorite patients to partner with are those who have concerns regarding imbalanced hormones, metabolic conditions, obesity, chronic infections, gastrointestinal disturbances, skin conditions and allergies and autoimmunity.  Dr. Jenn likes to gather a lot of objective information through laboratory testing to understand as much as she possibly can about the patient’s current state of health, however, the laboratory testing is not always a necessity.  She is a big believer in what she learned during her schooling: “If you just listen to the patient, they will tell you the diagnosis.”   Dr. Jenn views her career as a calling and not just a job and is thrilled to be part of the team here at Vis Clinic.

    Dr Mead is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians

    When she is not working with patients, Dr. Jenn is spending time with her husband and 3 children who keep her very busy but despite the busyness she is always working hard to “walk the talk” by enjoying activity, healthy eating and much needed quiet time!

    Call Vis Clinic today at 316-425-3729 to get scheduled with Dr. Jennifer Mead. 

Meet our Doctors

Dr. Krier and Dr. Mead

Chad Krier, N.D., D.C.

Dr. Krier is a board certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Doctor of Chiropractic and a Kansas native (Great Bend). He has worked with various disciplines (M.D., N.D., D.C., P.T., Acupuncturists, and Homeopaths) in the healthcare field and is happy to offer the Vis Clinic family a variety of healing modalities including: Orthomolecular/Nutritional Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Chiropractic/Naturopathic Manipulative Therapy, Physical Medicine, Decompression Spinal Therapy, Natural Sinus Therapy, Auricular Pain Management, and Hydrotherapy.
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Dr. Jennifer Mead

Dr. Jennifer Mead

Dr. Jennifer Mead is a 4th generation physician but the first to pursue her degree in Naturopathic Medicine, graduating from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2008. Dr. Jenn’s goal as doctor is to partner with the patient where they are on their health journey and guide them along the path to uncovering all the obstacles in the way and discovering their own incredible power to heal themselves.
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